Friday, September 4, 2009

Program / Intentions

A Western Woman and then a Green Monster will walk the streets of different areas in Beirut: West, East and South. They will do exactly the same walk. Two camerawomen will film this walk. In the evening the footage will be edited.
At the end of the week, at Zico’s House, a rough-cut of this material will be shown to an audience. A debate will follow.

PROGRAM day by day:

18th/21st: street performance + filming on the streets of Beirut (West, East, South).
22nd/23rd: editing rough-cut.
23th: public showing of rough-cut and debate (Zico's House).

My experience with the Green Monster, so far in Amsterdam and Aleppo, is that he stirs the social tissue where he walks in. He is peaceful and a bit slow, harmless, still he shows very well how people react to the “other”, the “alien” in their midst.
The footage with the Western Woman serves as a “control footage” in the video.

I’m curious what kind of reactions the soft provoking monster and its footage will get from Beirut’s audience…

My main focus on this project is underlining that what we people (and monsters!) have in common is far more and far more important than what divides us. Still my intention is not to play a cultural anthropologist (I wouldn't be able to). I want to make a piece of art that addresses hard issues with humor. And through laugh and self-mockery, make people talk about them.