Thursday, October 8, 2009


Percival learned he should not ask questions. A true knight wouldn’t have to ask them, as the answers would come to him naturally. Patience and the taming of curiosity where highly regarded virtues.
Percival doesn’t know he has a gift that allows him to access the Holy Grail. Only him can see it. But can he understand it? He enters the castle of the Fisher King. He sees the King is wounded and that the all country is suffering with him. Percival is hurt inside, he feels compassion for the sufferers and he’s aching to ask “why?” - but he learned a knight asks no questions. So he fails to do the only thing that would heal the King and the all country (not to mention, allowing him to get the Holy Grail…)

Can you see a Green Monster walking on the streets? Are you curious about it? How far will you go to ignore it? Are you so much into avoiding the fellow passer by that you even missed a large furry green thing walking beside you? Is it possible to check the Percivalism of a society by watching how it reacts to the Green Monster’s soft provocation?

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